In our intention, the work "Biomedicine by apitherapy" should be a treaty of apitherapy. The results we obtained by apiprophylaxis and apitherapy, from the infertility of the couple to the negativation of some viruses, of autoantibodies in various autoimmune diseases, of positivated tumor markers, etc. have already been presented in previously published studies, as in conferences, symposia or thematic medical congresses. They were also used in the thesis for obtaining the Master degree and doctorate in medical sciences.

            In one of the largest chapters of the projected work, "Degenerative Health Conditions. Studies and Clinical Cases", we give a brief theoretical overview of the diseases to which we refer, each accompanied by a number of illustrative clinical cases treated under Apitherapy Medical Center . In some degenerative health conditions we make our own judgments. There will be cases where our statements do not correspond to the existing theories. Publishing them, we’ll take feedback, including critical one, from the the specialists in medical, fundamental and clinical research, of the theorists and clinicians.

            We affirm that, to the success in apitherapy which have been obtained in Romania or anywhere in the world, we can report the most numerous achievements in various fields of the human pathology. Obviously, such a statement is required to be justified. Therefore, each presented case will be supported by medical documents issued by laboratories and other medical institutions in Romania and other countries, depending upon the patient. These documents are in our database - Apitherapy Medical Research Department.

            We want these cases be studied by the specialists in the field. We put within reach of them each case file. It is hard to know now what extent will have the assessments, but we assume ourselves the critics and the risk of their publication, provided that they are scientifically supported.

            But, beyond all other considerations, we want to draw the attention on the apiprophylaxis and apitherapy, whose capacity to intervene in preserving or restoring the health, in case it has been lost, are far from being fully known and certainly insufficiently used . We are confident that the apitherapy and the honey bee therapeutic products, in the spirit of the evidence-based medicine, as in the spirit of the holistic medicine, too, are the most effective means of the biomedicine of the future.

            Why biomedicine through apitherapy? Because the honey bee products, main precursors of the honey bee therapeutic products, in terms of the complexity of bioactive and biocompatible substances they contain, certainly overcome the most stocked pharmacy. Even the most sophisticated laboratory in pharmacochemical synthesis cannot match – and it is a certitude, the flying laboratory  called the BEE. In the complexity offered by the bee there are substances of which, by its own metabolic functions, the human body synthesizes what it need. But, fact of exceptional importance, it also offers an impressive variety of biomolecules biocompatible to the identity to the human ones, necessary for the cellular and extracellular homeostasis. The importance of these biomolecules is even greater, as they compensate, as biocompatible, those which, due to the damage of some metabolic functions at the cellular level of the body, cannot be synthesized.

                          We assumed the burden of proving with arguments these statements.

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