Instead of introduction: an anniversary e-mail, signal of overviews
(Short plea for apiprophylaxis and apitherapy)


Today, July 17, 2012, I received a message (e-mail) from Bessarabia.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012 5:03 PM
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"Ana Camenschii"
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Hello, teacher ! I want to acknowledge that I am 1.5 months pregnant and I am very happy that finally ended the nightmare for 13 years about this problem ... thank you very, very much for the patience you had during the treatment and you have given us the hope to have a fulfilling life with a baby. You have a noble profession through which you have the possibility to provide health and fulfillment to the fellows and we thank you since you do it with so much dedication ... I'm only sorry since... I have not discovered you earlier ....  thank you a lot since you exist .... We wish you good health and power to work further, because it deserves ... Ana

We don’t add or exclude any letter of the message of Ana from Bessarabia. With the agreement of the blessed and young lady, I am transferring this message, literally, inside the website of the Apitherapy Medical Center. The reason? According to the statistics of our database, Ana’s child, when it will be born, will round up the number of 3000 children born as a result of threating the human infertility through apitherapy, by our own method. Furthermore, also as a birthday, the baby of Ana will be the hundredth born through apitherapy in Romania over the river Prut, ancient Romanian land, which is commonly said Bessarabia, but that thank to a hostile and unjust history is officially told the Republic of Moldova.

Therefore, according to the recipes of our own and with the honey bee therapeutic products of our own design and production that are employed exclusively in the Offices of Apiregya Imunostim within our apitherapy center, between Atlanta, Toronto, Milan and Chisinau, when Ana will born, our bees of Bălăneşti commune of Gorj county, shall increase the number of newborns to 3000. We do not say that, thank to these great daughters of the sun, I made happy 3,000 families, because in a significant number of cases of infertility of the couple, of a high gravity, even two or three children have been born. And these successive births occurred without the families repeat the treatment, which is significant for the stability over time of the results we get in rebalancing the hormones - and not only hormones - for couples who want to become parents.

The apitherapy recipe of Ms. from Bessarabia for treating the infertility is dated March, 3-rd, 2012 and on July 17-th, 2012 she has announced a pregnancy achieved since a month and a half ago. She has begun  the treatment through apitherapy on March, 15-th and since then four months have gone, so she has achieved the pregnancy after 2.5 months. The time that Ana conceived by apitherapy can be compared by anyone with the 13 years of other treatments, tests and failed hopes.

We give just the introduction (diagnostic) formulation of Ana’s recipe, of which we exclude the address and phone:


ANA << = 32/168/65   5.03.2012

Primary infertility / / PMS / / Hormonale Androgenization - Hipoestrogenemia with Hyperprolactinemia / / Deficient Basal Temperature / / Hepatic Hypofunction - Hypoalbuminaemia with Hyperglobulinemia (ratio A / G subunitary) / / Complement C 3 – inactive  / /

ASO – increased / / According to laboratory analysis, evolving toward dyslipidemia, hyperglycemia and hypothyroidism, accompanied by leukopenia and neutropenia / /

Family history, affirmative - mother had uterine fibroids >>

Given the anniversary number of children born through apitherapy, given the fact that the dissertation work for getting the Master in medical science has the same issue (Apitherapy in Family Planning), given the original further thoroughgoing studies of the thesis of Doctor in medical sciences, whose summary may be found in the present site (Rebalancing Plasma Proteins through Apitherapy. Its importance in Treating Inherited or Acquired Autoimmune Diseases), given the large number of published medical studies as well as clinical research and teaching activities we developed, the message of Ana from Bessarabia is, to me, the signal that it is the time for systematic, synthesized presentation of the therapeutic potential of the apitherapy. This potential can be seen not only from the apitherapy point of view, as a therapeutic act, but also from the apiprophyaxis point of view. And the notion of apiprophylaxis is our own and we are the ones who have introduced it in the scientific circuit, based on clinical studies on the casuistry of our database.

The work that we intend to achieve has, through the presented clinical cases and primarily in the interest of the human health, a clear told goal: to demonstrate that the deserved place of the apitherapy should be recognized within the concert of medical sciences and clinical practice. In the latest spirit of the evidence-based medicine, the clinic study of the individual patients will include the family history information, history-sypmptomatical, laboratory information, etc.

Because the scientific medical apitherapy - although it has an unparalleled potential - is a relatively new field (we don’t refer to the empirical apitherapy, which is millennia old), in order to overcome the distrust and reluctance, each case will be accompanied by medical records previous and post-apitherapy, but with the protection of the patients identity. These documents can be also consulted in our apitherapy center (Apitherapy Medical Center), Department of Clinical Research (Apitherapy Medical Research). We gladly put them on hands of the physicians, pharmacists, biochemists and any medical researchers.

We come, in this study, with a comprehensive presentation of clinical cases in multiple areas of human diseases – female and male infertility, genital, autoimmune, viral diseases, and so on. But: it is far from us the idea to present the apitherapy as a panacea. Nor is it ! The medical investigations, diagnosis, prescribing medication, monitoring the safety and effectiveness of the therapeutic protocol belong to the specialist physician.

We only want, through the scientific presentation of the successes in a variety of clinical cases in various areas of human health - many of them not only medical firsts in apitherapy, but also in the allopathic medicine - to draw the attentionof the medical world to the potential of the apitherapy and honey bee therapeutic products . This paper is, after all, a signal, a call to biochemists, biologists, pharmacologists, immunologists to the basic and clinical medical research, which, on strictly scientific grounds, can sit the apitherapy on the place that, we firmly believe, it is worth to occupy among the sciences serving the health. Perhaps more than anything, it is necessary that in the medical schools be introduced the study of the apiprophylaxis and apitherapy. Incidentally, the medical students learn few items about the prevention, which should take up a place at least equal with the therapy, especially in training the family physicians. And the distrust, reluctance of the medical world can not be eradicated without knowing the unique diversity of the biostructure of the honey bee therapeutic products. And – we have to mention it, nor without their typification or without their coming into the regular circuit of the production and pharmaceutical trade.

 We mean - and want to convince - that if the apitherapy have been successful – and of these successes many are medical firsts – the apiprophylaxis is even more necessary, as no other prophylactic means will ever succeed, whatever it may be, to meet the arsenal of bioactive substances that can prevent the development to the disease. The holistic action of the apiprophylaxis and apitherapy has a real and unique basis in the complex of  bioactive and biocompatible substances they include. However, once known, the connoisseurs of the human cell structure and extracellular environment will understand that the honey bee therapeutic products may become the most valuable support of the biomedicine of the future.

We want, aiming for the correct application of the apiprophylaxis and apitherapy, to draw the attention to the need to introduce among the routine medical tests, inter alia, for example, the serum protein electrophoresis and the determination not only of the total serum calcium, but ionic calcium, too. In the thesis of PhD in medical sciences I have analyzed 1470 electrophoreses and have demonstrated the interaction between the laboratory values ​​of the albumin and ionic calcium, and also the influence of this interaction in a large number of human diseases. And in this paper, as in other previous works, with the hope that the experts will agree it, we propose not only that some laboratory tests become routine, but also we propose new minimum-maximum range of reference.

           We also propose some new interpretations, not only for some laboratory tests, but also for interpreting the correlation, in various pathologies, among the values ​​of laboratory tests. And if we come into the public domain with all these, it is clear that we expect critical comments, but scientifically, of the approved specialists. And in case these will be favorable to our proposals, we expect that in a length of time more or less long, they be accepted and used in the clinical practice.

We come, in some conditions, with new explanations which belong to us, other than the ones generally accepted, covering the causes of some disease, which is particularly important for the apiprophylaxis and apitherapy. But perhaps more important is the fact that in many diseases, we can explain the causal, determinativre  link between a primary disorder and the secondary disease or diseases.

Also by virtue of our long clinical experience, we also suggest new prophylactic and therapeutic approaches to some diseases, avoiding the usual contraindications and side, iatrogenic effects, which can sometimes be worse than the primary disease itself (for which was initiated the treatment). It is not uncommon that the drug originally prescribed to require, after some time, to be taken other medicines for correcting two to three iatrogenic effects and their effects still require extra medication. Except those who take, totally wrongly, the self-medication - whose base is mostly the internet, TV or print media - we encountered cases where some people take 15-25 prescribed drugs daily ! It is no less true that, from the list of the diagnoses, otherwise real, the most are secondary, iatrogenic.

This is also the motivation for, each clinical case, each condition that we discuss, will be accompanied and supported by medical documents pre-and post-apitherapy. The medical apitherapy, scientifically practiced, is a new field, looked at least with reservations, if not downright in disbelief or indifference and it can not be recognized as a partner of the traditional medicine, whose base is the pharmacochemical medication, without rigorous evidences. How would the medical world look at claims about the remission got only through the apitherapy of some severe diseases before which the classical medicine meets difficulties if they would not be accompanied by evidences ? And they are not few: negativation of the autoantibodies in autoimmune diseases, negativation of viruses of hepatitis of B and C viral etiology, remission of fibroses in liver cirrhosis, negativation of infections with strains of Human Papilloma Virus, clear remission of endometriosis and restoration of female fertility, negativation of some tumoral positivated markers and so on. Without unbeatable evidences, as we are not talking about "red in the throat" or restoring the appetite, the response, at least the almost unanimously one, would be: do not believe! How could the honey bee therapeutic products do more, be more effective in many diseases than the cutting edge drugs, made in the most sophisticated laboratories?

We also come with arguments on the holistic effects of the apitherapy and honey bee therapeutic products we make. Obviously, the same effect could have other bee products, too - employed in their harvesting natural state - or turned into honey bee therapeutic products or bee food supplement products worldwide. We, however, in the offices of Apiregya Imunostim - the part with clinical activity in Apitherapy Medical Center, we use only the ancient honey bee products of the ancient family apiary,  as well the honey bee therapeutic products made of the last ones, of our own design, by the laboratories SC STUPINA Ltd, an integral part of our center of medical apitherapy. In previously published studies, including the congresses or conferences with international participation, arguing through clinical cases of our database, we demonstrated that treating a disease, were simultaneously remitted other diseases, too (eg, we got the negativation of C hepatitis virus - a viral disease, in parallel with the remission of the hemolytic anemia – an autoimmune disease). Given the beneficial simultaneous actions in remitting some diseases or functional imbalances of the human body, we shall frequently return on this aspect of the apitherapy.

We want to try - and hope to succeed - to convince that the apitherapy as clinical method and the honey bee therapeutic products as means of intervention are the most complete and most effective alternatives of the biomedicine of the future, both prophylactically and therapeutically. This statement might seem to be an exaggeration. We know - and can prove - that it is not. We will develop this idea in the right place – here it is just an introduction – so, we limit ourselves to only a few details of the potential of the honey bee therapeutic products to take the place of the higher support of the biomedicine, the holistic level included:

- the honey bee therapeutic products contain all the substances necessary not only for the human cell construction, but also those necessary for its operation and protection;

- the honey bee therapeutic products contain a wide variety of biomolecules, biocompatible to the identity, with both the ones required by the functional balance of the human cell and with the ones exocitated by the last in the extracellular space;

- the honey bee therapeutic products contain both substances from which, by its metabolic functions, the body synthesizes what is necessary to it, and substances that can be used directly without any transformation;

- the honey bee therapeutic products contain all the vitamins, all minerals and antioxidants  known in the medical science as having a bioactive role;

- the wealth of the honey bee therapeutic products in pre-pro-hormones, pro-hormones and hormones biocompatible to the identity to the human ones, is superior to any therapy, whether natural or of chemical synthesis etc.etc.

Given the importance of the apitherapy as unparalleled support of the holistic medicine and biomedicine we shall return to it with data and arguments that we believe will be compelling not only by scientific rigor, but also in terms of the results obtained in clinical casuistry that we are going to present.

If the honey bee therapeutic products have a such potential, we must say that the apitherapy is not without the common pitfalls of the self-medication and, of course, not without those of being prescribed by apitherapeutists without solid medical knowledge. To the accurate knowledge of the biochemical structure of the honey bee therapeutic products should correspond the knowledge of the biochemistry and human molecular cell biology, together with the knowledge of the allergology, immunology, genetics, nutrition, etc.. Both selfapitherapy and inappropriate prescribing of the honey bee therapeutic products can determine, for example: androgenization, effeminization, impotence, infertility, polyglobulia, the onset or exacerbation of autoimmune disorders, severe allergies, onset or worsening of diseases involving fibrosis of organs, including speeding of liver cyrrhosis, ascites and so on.

All the words in the lines above are not, as you might think, a proof of free courage to the answer of the scientific criticism to which the specialists may submit our statements and our theories once they are published. If we succeed to convince, over than the natural desire to obtain the recognition of our contribution to the progress of the apiprophylaxis and apitherapy will be the call of drawing the attention of the research field, medical sciences and clinical practice to these areas so valuable in the interest of protecting or restoring the human health.

But as the introduction of a paper can not take the place of the contents, in the hope that we succeeded to sketch, if only partially, the axis ideas of the study, we believe that we could attract the interest of those who would dare to read it.

I hope to find time for the hard work at the desk, other than that devoted to other concerns which can not be bypassed, for a more complete overview of the possibilities offered by the apiprophylaxis and apitherapy. No matter as much or little I can do, my son, Călin Vasile Andriţoiu, doctor  apitherapeutist, doctor of medical sciences, now a post-doctoral student in France, will continue what we have started. He has the necessary scientific knowledges, he is able to work, he has the will to do it.

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