This paper - as we hope - could capture the interest of the reader eager for knowledge, as well of the patient moving from start to the apitherapy, or only after having exhausted all the other means of regaining the health. But we hope, especially, we can attract the interest of the researchers and theorists in the field of the medical sciences, as well as that of the clinicians.

When we say we are trying to help to substantiate the apitherapeutic method, we have an obligation to question not only the method itself, in theory, but also the means by which this method can be clinically implemented. These means, of course, are the honey bee therapeutic products. Ideally would be that the honey bee therapeutic products be standardized – with a precisely described biochemical structure described, with the possibility of being employed clinically to monitor their safety and effectiveness, depending on the diagnosis set by the medical investigations. The complete relationship: medical investigations - clinician - apitherapy - patient is based, ultimately, on the feedback (response of the disease to the applied therapy).

The honey bee therapeutic products have the unique ability to provide, for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes, the synergy of presence and action of an impressive number of substances, which are, in fact, the support of the biomedicine of the future (Towsend et al. 1959; Vecchi, 1969; Mladenov, 1989 , Nagai et al., 2004; Sever, 1996; Svoboda et al., 1989; Taniguki et al., 2003; Tokunga et al, 2004; Towsend et al., 1961; Uzbekova et al., 2006; Juncu et al. 1989, Gonnet et al., 1989).

Such a statement – the apitherapy, irreplaceable support of the biomedicine of the future - may be seemed as exaggerated, so it requires to be grounded. This paper itself, in our intention has such a justification. This is the continuation of other efforts that we have made before, to attract the attention on the values of the apitherapy and honey bee therapeutic products ​​(see Chapter III).

As long as the medical biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, as well as pharmacology, with their rigorous scientific means, are not involved together with the clinicians, the therapeutic potential of the bee products, as well as that of the honey bee therapeutic products, still remains unknown. Perhaps out of the ignorance of the biochemistry of the bee therapeutic products, the lack of a concerted and funded interest could be related to the fact that, standardizing the honey bee therapeutic products, these products could be made useless or could limit the use of a rather long list of drugs, which now are produced and marketed.

The therapeutic agents to be found out in the honey bee therapeutic products produced by the Apitherapy Medical Center, whose potential we have already checked, so far as allowed by the means that we could have both in the basic scientific research and in clinical research (summarized in Chapter IV.), are the same ones that are accredited by the medical sciences and pharmacology as havig an intervention potentially in autoimmune, viral blood, respiratory diseases, etc.. The honey bee therapeutic products provide to the clinician immunosuppressants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, lipids, biogenic amines, antibiotics, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, antitumor substances, etc...

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