The production of the honey bee therapeutic products in the laboratories of the Apitherapy Medical Center, is the result of a long work, resulting rom a long and careful research:

- of the literature on the biochemical structure of the bee products, published in Romania and abroad;

- we've done our own researches on the biochemical composition of the bee products; this research is undertaken with our own modest means, our contributions are minimal in this area;

- of the knowledge of the biochemical structure of the human cell; upon the basis of the knowledge of the biochemical structure of each bee product we have initiated a comparative study of them, which led us to the conclusion that the bee products, thanks to the unparalleled complexity and irreproducible substances that they contain, can become the most valuable support of the biomedicine at the molecular and cellular level; the bees provide to the apitherapeutist, as fully developed substances or their precursors, all the elements required to build the cells, to their structural and functional protection and also substances such as those produced by them and used for maintaining their own homeostasis, or exocitated into the extracellular environment;

- based on the medical investigations, especially at the level of the laboratory tests, as well as through researches on the pharmacochemical therapeutic agents with intervention potential currently used by the clinical allopathic practice in one or other of the diseases, we have established - which is important for producing the honey bee therapeutic products - in which of the bee products there are the same therapeutic agents, so focusing on their quantitative determination required for prescribing their administration, too;

- the honey bee therapeutic products we produce are not standardized medications; they are alimentary supplements in the structure of which are included, with a dose calculated using the pursued therapeutic target, the substances approved as therapeutic agents.

Therefore, the honey bee therapeutic products we produce, diversified by their biochemical composition and their therapeutic role, containing food of bee origin - proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, as well as therapeutic agents (the ones of bee origin can or cannot be supplemented by the ones obtained from non-bee sources) are binomial in their nature: they are, at the same time, foods and medicines. While treating, they also nourish and energize. (Andriţoiu V., 1995, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009).

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