I said something about the binomial character of the honey bee therapeutical products, which is that they are simultaneously food and medicine. The honey bee therapeutical products have a three-dimensional character, because they offers a variety of substances for the cell construction, but also for the protection of human cell functions. The unique importance of the biochemical offer of the honey bee therapeutical products consists mainly in that it provides the necessary metabolic substances - proteins, carbohydrates, lipids – but especially in the fact that it supplies to the human body an impressive variety of biomolecules identical to human ones which are important especially in the cases of metabolic malfunctions.

        When we state the clinical relevance of the synergy of presence and action in the pursuit of the therapeutic act, we refer to their unique potential to provide both the substance or substances considered to be therapeutic agents and also the substances to facilitate their actions. The last can be present simultaneously in the body due to the biochemical supply of the honey bee therapeutic products and they act synergistically, supporting and complementing each other to achieve the target followed by the treatment.

         A variety of diseases can be described where the substances existing synergistically with the therapeutic agents in the honey bee therapeutic products have complementary beneficial actions, but they also may play by themselves a role of therapeutic agents.

         The clinicians frequently face situations where the therapeutic agent can not reach the target. The causes can be many, but one of the most important is the absence or inadequacy of substances that support or control the action of the therapeutic agent.

         Also of a great importance especially in the autoimmune diseases - but not only - is that the honey bee therapeutic products have not only substances with clair antigenic actions, but also factors that supervise the actions of some organic molecules that have beneficial action but which, if out of control, can cause by themselves serious injuries. This is, for example, the case of the  anti-inflammatory actions of the polymorphonuclear granulocytes (PMN), whose beneficial action is supported, controlled, and limited by the substances contained in the honey bee therapeutic products.

        The examples may be so many that it would require a lot of time and space to describe them. It is the only reason why, on this subject, we shall give here only a few references, but given its importance, we shall discuss it more fully in the chapter "Disease, Studies and Clinical Cases."

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