As noted above, in an exposure that is away - in fact very far - from being exhaustive, the reader can take an image somewhat closer to the truth about the complexity of the bee substances entering the structure of the honey bee therapeutic products we produce . Maybe, someday, we'll find time to describe all the substances the bee products can supply to the producer of the honey bee therapeutic products. Moreover, in these there are substances that have not been identified yet. We also plan a description of the clinical importance of each substance with their possible synergistic interactions ad with their pharmacodynamic effects, too.

Until then, we need to say a few words about the presence in  the honey bee therapeutic products of the stem cells.

There is an increasingly greater scientific interest granted to the stem cells (strains) in the medicine of the future. These are young cells, undifferentiated and pluripotent, which may, by division, give rise to daughter cells. However, across a terminal differentiation process they may give rise to a variety of cells which can occur in restoring the physiological functions of the human organs. It is not here the place of a detailed speech about the stem cells. Even people who have modest medical knowledge, begin to look forward into this realm of the contemporary medicine. The basic scientific research, as the current clinical research, at present, hardly try to determine how to use, in various human diseases, the stem cells.

Certainly, some of the honey bee therapeutic products we produce and use in the treatment of the human diseases, contain inclusively stem cells. The results obtained in the clinical practice lead us – affirmatively for the time being - to believe that they are therapeutically usable. There are therapeutic effects which, in the absence of other scientific explanations, we attribute to them.

The research resources we have do not allow us to investigate, in the basic scientific research, the "behavior" of the bee stem cells in the human body. I did not succeed, at least so far, to establish a cooperation with research institutes which, through specific investigations, decide on the effects in vitro of the bee stem cells. Only then the clinical research will be able, by its specific means, to confirm or refute their effects in vivo.

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