The honey bee therapeutic products we produce are actually food supplements whose source of substances, are mainly supplied to us by the bee products harvested from our own apiaries. We also use substances which are supplied mainly by plants. In some cases we make by our own methods, herbal extracts, extracts of fruits, seeds, solubilized minerals, etc... where the key role is also played by the bees. It would require too much time to describe these processes which are not the subject of this paper.

We call them honey bee therapeutic products because each of them contains substances with well-established role of therapeutic agent. These substances are not other than that the pharmacochemistry invests with the role of therapeutic agents. The benefits offered by the honey bee therapeutic products precisely consist in the features I mentioned above, as their potential is binomial, three-dimensional and synergistical.

Unlike the conventional, pharmacochemical medicines, the honey bee therapeutic products

 - are not addictive;

- if properly managed:  - they do not have side, iatrogenic effects;

 - they do not have contraindications.

The honey bee therapeutic products we produce are used exclusively in the offices of Apiregya Imunostim. Frequently, we are asked to put them within the reach of other apitherapeutists or to sell them through retail outlets. If the honey bee therapeutic products would only have the character of dietary supplements, they could be marketed.

The apitherapy practitioners who wish to prescribe them should do an internship in our clinic and meet several conditions, of which we consider to be important:

- the knowledge of the biochemical composition of each honey bee therapeutic product, so that they can recommend it depending on condition, age, body mass etc.;

- the knowledge of the dysfunctions produced in the human body  by the disorder / disorders that they treat, and also of the therapeutic agents to which the medical science assigns therapeutic potential;

- to prescribe honey bee therapeutic products only based on the health history and medical records submitted by the patient;

- to demonstrate the skill of the the correct interpretation of medical tests presented by patients;

- to have solid knowledges of allergology, immunology and molecular biology;

- to have sufficient experience so that they can determine the doses in which the honey bee therapeutic products are to be administered, also the optimal duration of their administration, taking account of the medical principles of safety and efficiency.

In the chapter of this paper where we deal with a variety of clinical cases in which the honey bee therapeutic products have demonstrated their effectiveness, we’ll return to the problem of administering correctly the honey bee therapeutic products, indicating even the doses we recommend to be given in one or another of the diseases. For now though, I shall merely mention the name of some of them, including the patented ones:


- Centaur I Centaur II, III Centaur                                     - Ares I, Ares II, Ares III;

- Apiregya I Apiregya II, III Apiregya                                - Melanovit I Melanovit II, III Melanovit

- Apialbumină I Apialbumina II                                         - Apifertil I Apifertil II, III Apifertil;

- ApiImunostim                                                                   - HepatoStim

- Apidigest I Apidigest II                                                    - Apicitosan I Apicitosan II

- Apiliponorm I Apiliponorm II                                          - Apimineralia I Apimineralia II;

- Apicalciu I, II ApiRin Apicalciu I ApiRin II                    - Anti-inflammatory Prisaca

 - Propolis tincture (in various concentrations)          - Soft propolis extract

 - Apizinc; Apitirozină                                                        - I Pigment, Pigment II

 - Hemorstop (ointment)                                                    - Hemorstop (suppositories) etc..


The honey bee therapeutic products produced by the Apitherapy Medical Center are based on the observations on the bee colony life, but also on the need to find alternatives to the pharmacochemical drugs whose iatrogenic effects can worry. An important area which has led us to establish their biostructure is that of the autoimmunity. The achieved remission and their potential of negativating the autoantibodies, superior to any other means of intervention in autoimmunity, as we are going to demonstrate with concrete clinical outcomes, is a fact doubled in this area - and beyond it - through the unique potential to achieve the apiprophylaxis, preventing the onset of these dreaded diseases.

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