When I approach such a topic of our contribution to the development of the apitherapy for me it means a remembrance, a summary of the long-least I have personally put to the foundation of the apitherapy, both in theoretical medical science and clinical practice. For my son, Călin Vasile Andrițoiu, physician apitherapeutist, doctor in medical sciences, now a post-doctoral student, all of which means a summary of what he has done so far, and a project for the future, too. Now, as I am writing this paper, the physician  Călin Vasile Andrițoiu, under the theme of the post doctoral studies – on the bee polymers - is in France where, with a specialized institute, makes researches on the arginine amino acid and arginase enzyme. Therefore, the beginning has a sequel. Thus, the apitherapy is, for us, not only a beginning, but also a present. It has a future, too.

           Our contributions to the development of the apitherapy were conducted in the following directions:

a) conducting scientific papers in medical education to obtain the title of Master and PhD in medical sciences;

b) teaching activities, teaching theoretical knowledge in the field of the apitherapy, as well as basic and clinical research results in the field of medical science and clinical practice;

c) participation in conferences, symposia and congresses with theoretical and practical apitherapy original studies and their publication in the compendia and journals;

d) publication of books with reference to theoretical and clinical apitherapy;

e) development of honey bee therapeutic products of our own design and production - in the laboratories SC STUPINA Ltd - part of the Apitherapy Medical Center; they are used only in the offices of Apiregya Imunostim and the results obtained in clinical apitherapy are due exclusively to their usability;

f) practice of clinical apitherapy in the offices of the Apitherapy Medical Center (an illustrative part of clinical casuistry will be presented in this paper);

g) making proposals, other than those in current medical theory, about  the theoretical and therapeutic approaches of the disease;

h) demonstrating the prophylactic potential of the apitherapy in conditions that have not yet started but they could be expected based on the correct interpretation of the medical investigations, as, for example, cases where could be predicted the diseases of the children, according to the laboratory tests values ​​of the mother during the pregnancy and lactation, demonstrating, for example, that the onset of serious diseases, such as autoimmune disease or breast cancer can be prevented and so on;

i) proposing the introduction of new tests among the routine medical tests and arguig their need for both the preventive and therapeutic protocol for the establishment of a large number of problems; we argue any proposal of this kind by the clinical cases that we are going to present, as our arguments rely on medical documents which we are going to cite, but protecting the patient identity;

j) proposing the adoption of other reference limits - minimum-maximum - for a number of values ​​currently considered as normal by the medical analysis laboratories; the logic of our proposal is clear: if the tests values ​​are normal, then, their "normality" would have to exclude the evolution to the disease and obviously, the disease itself.

           Some of these contributions have been discussed at conferences, have been published in studies and articles, have received a rigorous scientific form in the dissertation works designed for obtaining the Master degrees and also in doctoral theses for Ph.D title in medical sciences. These, however, as they are exclusive, are restricted in circulation, too.

           In the synthesis about our actual contributions to the progress of the apitherapy, each statement will be supported by the documents issued by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, the National Association of Complementary Therapies (ANATECOR), as well by the indication of the bibliographical books, studies and articles published. Similarly, our work of clinic apitherapy, widely illustrated in the chapter "Diseases. Studies and Clinical Cases" will be argued by supporting each case accompanied by claiming medical documents presented by each patient, pre - and post apitherapy; these are - and remain - the database section of Apitherapy Medical Research, part of the Apitherapy Medical Center. The documents - in other words, the file of each case - are issued by the medical analysis laboratories, by hospitals and other medical institutions in Romania and other countries, too.

           The motivation of this support of the clinical cases by medical documents which are not issued by us, but which emphasize the patient's condition before and after apitherapy, we deem to be necessary for two reasons. First, the apitherapy is a new medical field and its possibilities for action in protecting or restoring the human health are poorly known; our intention is a way to draw the attention of the medical world on it, both as a theory and as a clinical practice. Even though it was recognized as part of the medical competences, the apitherapy shall take its rightful place among the medical sciences only when it is introduced as a subject in the curricula of the faculties of medicine and pharmacy. Second, we present cases of effective intervention, for the first time, of the honey bee therapeutic products in conditions which have never been addressed by apitherapy. Also, we present cases which not only through apitherapy, but also by allopathic therapy are medical firsts. However, obviously, all the above can be credible only if they are supported by related and indisputable medical documentation.

          We hope that, as far as our contributions will be known and assimilated into the country and abroad Romania, our long hard work will serve to the progress of the apitherapy. How much will mean those contributions? Their precise extent, we believe, will consist of theoretical contributions on the valences of the apitherapy, but especially in their support  by the clinical results we have obtained. We believe that in this way we can make one more step towards the recognition of the apitherapy as medical science.

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