Organizational Structure of Apitherapy Medical Center

  • Laboratories SC STUPINA SRL: producing honey bee products exclusively used in our own cabinets.
  • Cabinets Apiregya Imunostim
  • Pharmacy
  • A section of clinical research: Clinical Apitherapy Research.
  • Our own apiaries with organic and beekeeping production of the mountain and Subcarpathian honey bee areas
  • Herb crops                                                   
  • Orchard: walnut, cherry, apple, quince, white buckthorn, etc..
  • Soon:
  • a garden for growing organic roots,
  • growing genetically unmodified  tomatoes etc.
  • Romanian culture of genetically unmodified corn.

Location of Apitherapy Medical Center

  • On the Prisăci (Apiaries) Hill - a place where beekeeping has a millennial activity which gave the name of the hill (from the archaism apiary).
  • In the locality Balanesti, no. 336-337, Code 217.336, Gorj county, Romania (9 km from Targu Jiu).

The motivation for choosing the place for establishing Apitherapy Medical Center:

  • our ancestors, age after age, have lived here! Apiarists since ancient times, they gave the name of the place: Apiaries = Prisăci;
  • among other roots of the past: on the local heroes monument is inscribed the name of our grandfather, dead in the War for Unifying Romania;
  • unparalleled richness and diversity of local bee flora;
  • healthy place, surrounded by  submountain forested hills, pastures and orchards, the localities flanking Bălănești are at a distance of about 8 km, clean air, the unpolluted water and soil offering bee products superior in quality to the ones offered by other places and, especially, provide longevity - this is where, as they say among locals, who passes away under age 85 years “died too young”, however, within a kilometer of village live 4 individuals aged over 100 years.
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