Perhaps someone reading it could hardly believe that this chapter would be in the right place in a scientific paper of medical nature. But: every bird sings in its language ! (a Romanian saying) If the ancient occupation of  the beekeepers of my parents, my ancestors, did not exist, I suppose I should not write, this time, this paper.

If a number of people, be it as low, reading this paper would love the bee and become beekeepers, the gain will be multiple. For themselves and their families first, not only because it would bring in their homes the wonderful hive products, but also because they would spend more time in the nature. This way they would better understand its laws, they would love it and would defend it. To who? To those who stain it. To those who, stupid blockhead, for some silver, greedy, cut with chainsaw the forests, bring the cyanide death in Rosia Montana, prepare to destroy the water supplies – which are less, anyhow - by exploiting the shale gas, turns Romania into Europe landfill, or leave, where they spend the time "on the grass", traces of their poor growth and lack of education. To those who by pesticides and other chemicals for immediate agricultural profits  pollute unacceptably, even dangerously, the plants and their fruits, which are offered to us as risky chemicalized food. To those who, through industrial activities, some of which not essential to life, poison the soil and water. To those who bring the cyanides at Rosia Montana with the aid of the Romanian Trojan horse. These inhumans – the Trojan horse I say – specially closed the Romanian gold mining of the ancient Dacian and Daco-Romans times. Unaware, they erase forever from the map of Romania four of the mountains of the great Iancu and enticing the locals with dozens of jobs for only 10-15 year, they will leave as legacy to our children, also for eternity, the sinister cyanide lake, the lake of death. Curse of  the gold? Rather: the greedy damned people of the Trojan horse?

Moreover, some readers, maybe, will make of the beekeeping their means of living, a main occupation. Romania, whose melliferous flora is not fully used, through the bees, can provide health and welfare. Not only through the products of the hive, but specially by pollinating the crops and orchards. Icreasing the fruits of the earth by pollination is undoubtedly more important than the treasure itself of hive products.

And those who, for whatever reasons would be, would not become beekeepers – in their leisure time or as a chief occupation - when tasting the flavors of the honey spoon, when defending their health and recovering it thank to the apitherapy, will love more the bee, this wonderful daughter of the sun. And, wherever and whenever, knowing it, they will defend the clean nature, without which the bee can not live. The danger is the man. A certain type of man. Greedy. With an incomplete education.

Here are some reasons why, without any selection criteria, without any predetermined order, we are stringing a number of information about the bees and the fruits they offer us. For some readers, it may be curiosity. For others, it may be known things. By this, we are trying to draw their attention towards the bees and the pure nature. One can not exist without the other. Neither we, the people. And we, the humans, we have to let as legacy to our children a healthy nature, where they can live without danger. This matter more than any other wealth. Here's why, if not for the sake of citizenship, then for the sake of love for our descendants, we must join the fighting against eternal, destructive, deadly danger. Let’s join those who, few in number, in Rosia Montana, crushed by the dishonesty of the Romanian Trojan horse, but still standing, defend a national treasure: the mountains of Iancu and the treasure of Romania. Thanks to them, almost abandoned heroes, the lake of cyanides, deadly poison over the centuries, has not yet appeared. Let’s join those who rose against other deadly danger taking shape on the horizon: the shale gas exploitation. Among other great evils, this project will irreparably destroy the water supplies in areas already  plagued by drought. What will remain to our children when the children of the Trojan horse, with their pockets stuffed shameless, will go to live in healthy countries?

Only together we can stop the disaster. We, the humans!

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